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16 June 2016

Having to Downsize on Naughty Clothing

by Administrator on 16 June 2016, under London Escorts

It was a bright morning and I had been up at six as the London light streamed through the curtains escorts are not know for being early risers but I’m the exception. I needed to make new blinds for our new flat, as we would be moving in three weeks. The blackout ones had looked [&h more

13 June 2016

Escorts and Selfies

by Administrator on 13 June 2016, under London Escorts

My lingerie modelling had been fairly quiet. To fill in the gaps I found myself in London escorting more guys however, I’d heard that several new contracts were in the pipeline, but I had only had a couple come through in the past month or so. Now the weather was warming up, summer lin more

07 June 2016

Changing Times Moving On

by Administrator on 07 June 2016, under London Escorts

I was at the Christening in a very nice church in the heart of Hammersmith, in West London, where Esme lived, in the crowed I noticed quite a few Russian escorts who where friends of the couple. The day was much warmer than any of us had anticipated, so most people had taken off their [& more

04 June 2016

Even Escorts Can Make The Wrong Assumption

by Administrator on 04 June 2016, under London Escorts

So, I was curious about that statement. Josh looked so handsome and I knew other women were looking at him too; including two escorts in London in stealth mode. He easily drew as much attention as I did. I figured that he was sensitive enough to guess I was wondering about his previous g more

02 June 2016

Great boobs and Great Ass

by Administrator on 02 June 2016, under London Escorts

I watched Belinda’s girlfriend, Maggie, arrive. Short, tubby, pretty, with a huge smile and pink spiky hair, she looked like one of the escorts London accent, great body and definitely up for fun. “Well,” she declared, pushing her firm breasts out towards me,” I bet you’ve not more

28 May 2016

Eating out in London

by Administrator on 28 May 2016, under London Escorts

Josh looked at my dress and shoes and approved of them hey you’re the perfect London escort girl. “It’s such a pity you are going by yourself. I just can’t get the time off over Easter.” He did genuinely look disappointed he could not come to the Christening. He perked up, more

24 May 2016

Escorts Look Sexy in Alexander McQueen

by Administrator on 24 May 2016, under London Escorts

After my feeding frenzy, well, I had been eating fish, so the thought seemed rather apt; I headed out into the clear March afternoon, wondering if I would fit into an escort agency regulation size ten dresses after the large lunch. I made a note to text Josh to let him know he should bri more

21 May 2016

Feeding the Body and Mind

by Administrator on 21 May 2016, under London Escorts

I had a few hours to myself and there was little to whet my appetite in the fridge. Josh seemed to have a never-ending appetite that’s the norm for escorts in London. I had walked the mile or so, to get to this point where I had to decide to walk on, to pop into […] more

17 May 2016

The Fastener to My Stockings

by Administrator on 17 May 2016, under London Escorts

I closed my eyes, letting this sensation flow through me. There was an edge to his guy. He was obviously successful, but he seemed genuinely thoughtful London escort girls genuinely appreciate guys who share the pleasure. He traced his fingers over my ribs. I almost giggled as the touch more

14 May 2016

A Sexy Escort Like You

by Administrator on 14 May 2016, under London Escorts

Claus took in the sight of me for a few moments, clearly a man who had a true lust for Russian escorts. “That’s nice. You sip your champagne baby and move gently so you rub yourself on the glass. Then we’ll head off. I think I need some action, unless, that is, you want to [&hellip more

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