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20 October 2015

London can be a small place for escorts

by Babes of London on 20 October 2015, under London Escorts

I returned Sasha’s call and explained my mum was staying at my London flat, and I’d only be doing lingerie modelling from now on the, other escorts will have to cover some of my clients. I therefore could not do the “double date” she needed. She wanted to know if I had seen Vlad, more

16 October 2015

Agency girls in need of a strong man

by Babes of London on 16 October 2015, under London Escorts

Most escorts have to feel secure in all circumstances. At work, I have an emergency dial to Franz a London guy, who acts as a bodyguard when I need it, and whilst in the flat, I could call my Russian landlord, who offers me protection and would get someone to me quickly. I never thought more

12 October 2015

Escorts with boyfriends in London can be complicated

by Babes of London on 12 October 2015, under London Escorts

Rather than say any more to Josh, I handed him the cardboard folder containing my photos from the London shoot. “how many escorts would have done that I thought” I do lingerie modelling. It’s only a day per week, but it’s interesting and nothing sleazy.” Josh almost looked reli more

08 October 2015

A professional lady of the evening

by Babes of London on 08 October 2015, under London Escorts

After my photo-shoot, I changed and headed off for my date with Josh in London’s west end. I left my hair wavy, but toned down the make-up, most escorts would keep it loud but classy girls like me don’t do that sort thing. I was thinking about this opportunity. I would like to model more

02 October 2015

London photo shoots models and escorts

by Babes of London on 02 October 2015, under London Escorts

Well I knew I would feel nervous. How many London students, waitresses, cloakroom attendants and of course escorts were told, at least twenty times a year, that you looked like a young Brigitte Bardot? Later this afternoon I would have my first photo-shoot! I had just come back from an e more

29 September 2015

When not on agency assignments

by Babes of London on 29 September 2015, under London Escorts

It’s surely not normal for escorts; I could not believe how nervous I felt as I entered the Art deco building which was now a London nightclub, and where I would be learning some new skills. I had watched burlesque dancers a few weeks ago, and encouraged by my friend Franz, I decid more

25 September 2015

Decadent escorts are best for London dates

by Babes of London on 25 September 2015, under London Escorts

On a sunny London afternoon I love a good tea with scrumptious cakes, and when it’s part of a fun date, it is the perfect low-key experience escorts just love to engage with. Josh looked relaxed in jeans and shirt, with a casual jacket. I wore jeans, with a trendy top and my wedge sued more

18 September 2015

Busty and with burlesque dance moves

by Babes of London on 18 September 2015, under London Escorts

I looked at the invitation again. It was a dinner party for an escort at a townhouse in Chelsea that’s south west London, with Franz. I liked to go out and have fun with Franz, my gorgeous, but decidedly gay friend. However, I just wasn’t sure if I wanted to get dressed up and meet [ more

11 September 2015

Agency girls deserve a perfect date

by Babes of London on 11 September 2015, under London Escorts

I’ve just come in from the most amazing date that any of the escorts could ever dream of. I’d had such a fabulous evening with Josh at a top London hang out of the rich and famous. When I found out that he only had three evenings per week free, I almost jumped with joy. […] more

08 September 2015

Romantic escorts only London can do this!

by Babes of London on 08 September 2015, under London Escorts

Well, I checked out my profile in the floor-length mirror. I liked what I saw and was sure Josh London would too. He’d only ever seen me in escorts jeggings or jeans. I would blow him away looking like this. Of course, last night, I’d worn my ankle-length slim, shiny trousers. He’d more

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