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09 March 2016

Escorts and abstract art

by Babes of London on 09 March 2016, under London Escorts

I passed my VIP ticket over to Jonathan, who asked me how I was as he kissed me warmly on both cheeks for an escort girl London was the must place to be. Jonathan was a forty-something Cambridge graduate who had moved to London in the early noughties, he was an old customer of mine, [&he more

04 March 2016

Were you flirting

by Babes of London on 04 March 2016, under London Escorts

I had a VIP ticket to a gallery showing in West Kensington, and decided to ask Rachel if she’d like to come along escorts in London are advent lovers of the theatre. Josh was working until late, and the ticket would allow two guests entry to the high-class event. Footballers and actors more

02 March 2016

The escort mantra

by Babes of London on 02 March 2016, under London Escorts

I’ve just finished my client visit and was about to hail a taxi back to a meeting with some escorts from a new London agency, when I noticed a familiar white car cruising past me. I knew from the number plate that it belonged to Vlad. As it slowed down, the red brake lights came [&hell more

23 February 2016

Escorts and Premier League footballers

by Babes of London on 23 February 2016, under London Escorts

By the time, I’d finished three glasses of Champagne, and danced in my high heels for an hour, I’d decided to sit down again with Carla, escorts London lasses included only have some much energy, my feet really did need to rest. Even though our table was reserved, I was concerned tha more

20 February 2016

His new acquisition

by Babes of London on 20 February 2016, under London Escorts

I was planning an evening out with two of the ‘girls’ from a new west London escorts firm who’d been invited to a very swanky club in Soho. I hadn’t even heard of the place, but I was assured that now we were on the guest-list, there would be some interesting characters. The only more

17 February 2016

Escort babes at the ice bar

by Babes of London on 17 February 2016, under London Escorts

My next afternoon off was to go for a walk with Josh. We decided to head to Hyde Park’s Wonderland to have a wander past the fairground rides, and around the Christmas markets. For two escorts in London this is a real treat, I often don’t have anyone to do this with, well, not on more

12 February 2016

A break from London and escorting

by Babes of London on 12 February 2016, under London Escorts

I was looking forward to time off. Being on the books of three London escort agencies can be exhausting I’ve just finished all of my daytime work for a whole twelve days, and my next appointment was the first Saturday in the New Year. Now I planned to go Christmas shopping and have lun more

10 February 2016

We raised a glass

by Babes of London on 10 February 2016, under London Escorts

The atmosphere was pleasant and intimate the type environment London escort girls relish. Other tables were also booked up, and people sat down. I’d drunk my glass of water already, and half of my Prosecco. I looked at the old photos on the walls and smiled at the personal touch; seein more

27 January 2016

Five minutes from Lake Como

by Babes of London on 27 January 2016, under London Escorts

Milan was crisp and sunny exactly what London escorts need at this time of year. The frost and fog of Heathrow was in the distant past, and I headed off to work as a lingerie model; just one of my many talents. My chauffeur was there to meet myself and another girl who had flown [&hellip more

22 January 2016

Models, escort babes and A-listers hit the town

by Babes of London on 22 January 2016, under London Escorts

I’m going to a party with Esme, she’s currently with the escort agency London nights, a plus-size model, sporting curves of which even I am hugely envious. Right now, I’m thinking I need to keep my look simple, stylish, but the make-up smoky and sexy. I don’t want to look out of more

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