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21 July 2015

He chooses agency girls for confidentiality

by Babes of London on 21 July 2015, under London Escorts

I looked at the list of requirements that were expected of escorts the, Personal Assistant had sent through for my Egyptian client on his visit to London, known only as Mr. M. I knew that confidentiality was vital with my clients and usually I am provided with an obviously made-up name, more

07 July 2015

London’s high end escorts don’t gossip

by Babes of London on 07 July 2015, under London Escorts

Anna was out-of-sorts. We’d met for dinner in central London and she was fidgeting. I asked her what was wrong and she did not answer immediately and swirled her pasta around her fork almost absent-mindedly. I wondered what was wrong and I had a sinking suspicion that she might know ab more

30 June 2015

Escorts & divorced men it’s a London thing

by Babes of London on 30 June 2015, under London Escorts

I met Dominic at a party near London Bridge a few months ago. I wasn’t sure if he was at all interested in me, I mean, in any way, did I have a sign on my back “escorts on the prowl” as he cast me a look which showed pure indifference. Later, I found out, […] more

26 June 2015

Auction for the expert buyer

by Babes of London on 26 June 2015, under London Escorts

One of my friends, Franz, was going to a London pop-up event and chatted on the phone about it. I asked a few escorts at the office and like me they had never heard of these events until now. Apparently there were companies who rented out space to companies who wanted to organise parties more

23 June 2015

Busty with a lot of class

by Babes of London on 23 June 2015, under London Escorts

I’m recovering from a London charity event I attended last night. I went along as a guest of Sasha, the lady who manages the escort bookings at my office, along with several of her friends associated with the charity. My role was to look after the table to which I was allocated and to more

16 June 2015

Off duty agency girl

by Babes of London on 16 June 2015, under London Escorts

I’d noticed this guy three times looking at me in the bar I occasionally go to with escorts from the agency and my very best friend in London, Anna. He was super-cute, cuter than most of my clients and there was something engaging about him. This time, Anna and I sat down to drink a [& more

12 June 2015

Escorts and interesting London tours

by Babes of London on 12 June 2015, under London Escorts

Well, how many escorts can say they’ve entertained a lovely Jewish man before? As Jacob the suave trader from London’s diamond quarter entered the room I could not help but to glance quickly at package area as he greeted me in the lobby of a hotel I had never frequented, located a st more

09 June 2015

Naughty funny and nice

by Babes of London on 09 June 2015, under London Escorts

I could not stop laughing as I showered in the swanky London hotel room. I’d not laughed this much since the annual escorts conference and ball last year, I turned the shower radio on loud, so that the laughter was muffled. I’d heard that a sense of humour could get most girls into b more

05 June 2015

Busty cuties dilemma

by Babes of London on 05 June 2015, under London Escorts

I knew this would eventually happen. During a commute on the London underground I had promised a good escort colleague of mine, Anna, I would go on a date with her brother, Ross who was pretty gorgeous, but only if I wasn’t in a relationship by now. I thought I’d got off the hook, bu more

02 June 2015

London dinner dates and escorts on a promise

by Babes of London on 02 June 2015, under London Escorts

I was feeling extremely out-of-sorts. Last night a gorgeous guy had wined and dined me in a top London restaurant and had paid for my cab home, but did not want me. So not only did I feel slightly miffed, I knew he’d been close to my boss, Sasha. Why did he not want to […] more

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