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19 January 2016

Our secret lives as escorts

by Babes of London on 19 January 2016, under London Escorts

I was in a restaurant with my mother a place frequented by a quite a few London escort girls to my knowledge. As it was Monday night, I’m trying not to think about what Josh is doing right now. He’ll be screwing a woman as part of his job, and whilst I’m not jealous, I […] more

15 January 2016

Escorts with start up businesses

by Babes of London on 15 January 2016, under London Escorts

My soft furnishings business was at its height. Maybe my career with escorts in London might have a premature ending if business keeps up. The, main order I was working on with my two helpers, needed to be ready by the end of the day. After the gin-tasting yesterday evening, I’d slept more

12 January 2016

Gin tasting sessions with my BF

by Babes of London on 12 January 2016, under London Escorts

I had just finished my photo-shoot and the dates for the Milan shoot were confirmed my life was every London escort girls dream. I was flying out on the Thursday morning for an afternoon/evening shoot, and then would be going to a villa located on the shores of one of the Italian Lakes f more

08 January 2016

Escort chit chat over vintage champagne

by Babes of London on 08 January 2016, under London Escorts

I was meeting Rachel later for a pizza and a good catch-up, and I couldn’t wait. She’s one of the few London escorts who didn’t view me as a threat to her love life. Not only was she dating a colleague she’d liked for ages, she was thinking of moving in with him. I was [& more

05 January 2016

A big man in London

by Babes of London on 05 January 2016, under London Escorts

I haven’t felt this happy in ages. I’m glad I did what I did and helped Josh, escorts London hostesses especially are a very kind bunch. In a way, I knew all along that there were such things as serendipity, coincidences and moments of opportunity you can’t let pass you by. That ha more

30 December 2015

His kiss was hungry and needy

by Babes of London on 30 December 2015, under London Escorts

My heart sank as I remembered the race meeting with James. Russian escorts I generally never perplexed however, I needed to say something about it. “James was a gentleman and left that night. Anna knew about what I did because I told her and it was mainly theatres, restaurants, parties more

27 December 2015

Escorts except nothing less than Prosecco

by Babes of London on 27 December 2015, under London Escorts

Tears pricked my eyes as the real truth dawned on me. Not unlike those owners of London escort agencies that suddenly realised their life was about to change in a big way I felt the same way. That was why I was there, but I couldn’t say anything to him just yet. Instead, I wiped [&hell more

24 December 2015

Starting to fall in love with you

by Babes of London on 24 December 2015, under London Escorts

The sound was so quiet that at first, I thought I’d misheard. Look at that escort London director Margo’s latest independent movie came to mind! I turned and watched as a head peered around the door. It was Josh and when he saw me, he looked confused and startled simultaneously. more

20 December 2015

The escort who pays the cheque

by Babes of London on 20 December 2015, under London Escorts

I knew I was treading on dangerous ground as I headed into the hotel for sure London escorts have a sixth sense. I actually didn’t want to see Josh, particularly not in HIS role as a paid companion, but the late Monday night appointment was nerve-wracking, and not for sexual reasons. T more

15 December 2015

The secret benefactor

by Babes of London on 15 December 2015, under London Escorts

It took me twenty minutes to decide on the colour of two lipsticks and a nail varnish. Typical escorts in London our beauty routine is so important for what we do. I sometimes use gel nails, but today I was just planning to have a French manicure and to have a pedicure. The nail varnish more

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