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28 May 2015

When not on agency time

by Babes of London on 28 May 2015, under London Escorts

I love my local high street it’s far from the agency and not one of my escort colleagues lives within close proximity of this part of London. There are fourteen shops and I know all of the owners and their quirks, only of personality, not of deviancy! I headed down to the coffee shop f more

26 May 2015

Escorts with investments in London

by Babes of London on 26 May 2015, under London Escorts

Well, every single one of the escorts at the office will be envious of me because I’ve just met the new tenants of the flat I bought in west London, and they appear very pleasant. I noticed the female was approximately my age and height, but she was dark-haired. I knew she was wonderin more

19 May 2015

Pearls for busty beauties

by Babes of London on 19 May 2015, under London Escorts

There are times when my schedule in London is manic. I spent two hours not doing escort stuff but working on a creating cushion covers I had promised my friend Anna. Then I had to post them and get back to shower and exfoliate my skin. My next stop was to dash to the deli, […] more

15 May 2015

London is full of escorts and singles

by Babes of London on 15 May 2015, under London Escorts

I had a bone to pick with Anna. Instead of cancelling our friendly meal out in a swanky London restaurant, she organised her single brother, Ross, to meet me. I noticed that she was giggling when she noticed my expression. I was stood there with my hand on my hip, looking cross. She did more

12 May 2015

Agency life I love it

by Babes of London on 12 May 2015, under London Escorts

Finally back from vacation and boy have I missed the perks of escort life. I find it so strange that as soon as the weather changes I’m ready to escape the agency. However, I hate leaving London for too long There’s nowhere in the world that offers as much vibrancy and life. And even more

07 May 2015

Escorts for booty calls in London

by Babes of London on 07 May 2015, under London Escorts

I do like the Latino look “well many escorts do” especially coupled with Armani clothing and good leather shoes. Carlos lives in London but he’s actually Spanish and one of those guys who you’d dream about meeting in Marbella or Mijas as you wandered around the sophisticated shop more

05 May 2015

Always willing to fit him in

by Babes of London on 05 May 2015, under London Escorts

I was mulling over a coffee at a coffee shop near London Bridge. The sun was warm and I had a magazine article to read about escorts and there lovers. As I sipped my skinny Latte, I was trying to work out why men and women used my services.   Whilst not an exact science, […] more

01 May 2015

Dressed up and busty

by Babes of London on 01 May 2015, under London Escorts

I knew this was going to be an interesting situation to handle. The five star London boutique hotel was situated in a leafy street, perfect for an escort assignment it was away from the hustle and bustle of Central London; a refreshing change from the chain hotels most of my clients use. more

28 April 2015

Busy London ladies and escorts

by Babes of London on 28 April 2015, under London Escorts

Yesterday, I had some time off and treated myself to some personal pampering. Last week, I had three London dinner dates, an overnight trip to Paris and three day-time appointments, followed by two, three hour gym sessions, to re-balance myself and ensure I don’t put on any weight, whi more

24 April 2015

Life after the agency

by Babes of London on 24 April 2015, under London Escorts

I’ve recently been thinking about my future. I do love being an escort, but I have also started to look at my future away from the agency. In short, I want to invest in a few pieces of antique furniture. I chatted about it with my dad and he offered to help me invest in […] more

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