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19 June 2014

I’m one of the agency’s best escorts

by Administrator on 19 June 2014, under London Escorts

I love to read. Especially when I’m working nights, manning the phones at my escort agency’s London office. A good book has the potential to get me so wrapped up in the story that I’m unaware that its reality isn’t my own. What I also love is a good man. Combine the two a more

16 June 2014

For new escort Anabella three is not a crowd

by Administrator on 16 June 2014, under London Escorts

What is it with yoga and career girls it seems to be a total addiction for us escorts working in London. I met the most beautiful man in yoga class a few weeks ago and I must say that it was the most pleasant highlight to my week. My yoga instructor “who is also an […] more

13 June 2014

All night partying in London, the morning after

by Administrator on 13 June 2014, under London Escorts

Just like all of London’s favorite escorts I love a man who knows how to prepare a good meal. Joseph is one of these guys. If there are two things in this world that I always have an appetite for, they are his cooking and his largely portioned manhood. One morning after an all night [& more

10 June 2014

Busty Cindy finds a stud in the park

by Administrator on 10 June 2014, under London Escorts

A walk in London’s Hyde Park turned into much more than any of the escorts I know could ever envision. I’ve got a beautiful, fluffy, little dog who wanted to go out and play. Except, being the troublesome girl that she is, she decided to escape from my leash and make her way over more

05 June 2014

Escort girls just wanna have fun

by Administrator on 05 June 2014, under London Escorts

All I wanted to do was to enjoy a movie in the comfort of my new flat in London, I had invited a few escorts who are friends from work over to cuddle up and watch the film with me. But I should have known better. These girls aren’t good girls, they are very, very, […] more

02 June 2014

Pollyana catches a London hunk

by Administrator on 02 June 2014, under London Escorts

There’s this coffee shop in London that I started to frequent recently. My friends at my escorts agency all told me that I was wishing for a fairytale, but I knew that what I was doing, was being done with purpose, I knew that I would, eventually, get just what I was looking for. T more

29 May 2014

R&R day for a busty escort babe

by Administrator on 29 May 2014, under London Escorts

The things that happened in that massage parlor, a few weeks ago, were certainly hotter than what most escorts in London experience in their own bedrooms. I hadn’t intended for them to happen, but when magic happens, there’s no stopping the amazing things that are brought to more

27 May 2014

A patient London guy every escorts dream

by Administrator on 27 May 2014, under London Escorts

Weddings are a great place for naughty London escorts to fall in lust. I was a bride’s maid for one of my best friends in the world, a beautiful busty blonde, with a husband just as gorgeous. There was one guy, Abraham, who was a member of the groom’s party. I’d never s more

21 May 2014

A man his wife and escorts who are open minded

by Administrator on 21 May 2014, under London Escorts

I met this guy who lived a few hours away from London, but was in the city to enjoy a good time, and with escorts like me on the prowl, he was in for a great time, as was I. His deliciously toned body was something that would make any girl’s panties drop. As I […] more

19 May 2014

Like an escort on her pony

by Administrator on 19 May 2014, under London Escorts

A regular visitor to the escorts agency Lee is a client who is obsessed with receiving massages from. He believes that the way my fingers work, channel sexual energy into all the right areas. It might sound like a strange London thing to begin with, I thought so too. Of course, a part of more

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