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07 September 2014

Claudia’s sixth sense

by Administrator on 07 September 2014, under London Escorts

He whispered gently into my ear, reminding me of just how much he wanted me. It had been a long night, a very long night actually. A few of my friends from the agency and I had made our way to the club and had pretty much danced the entire night away. However, something unexpected [&hell more

04 September 2014

A gentle kiss always leads to more

by Administrator on 04 September 2014, under London Escorts

Sometimes cheeky escorts can have all the luck; in London at a black tie event not too long ago I met a man, whose smile could light up a million rooms. I watched him as he brushed his perfect locks back with fingers so long and intriguing. From across the room, I was in the […] more

31 August 2014

The most gorgeous escort known to man

by Administrator on 31 August 2014, under London Escorts

I love the rush that I get when he’s close to me, the warm of his body against mine. The way he knows just what to say and when to say it will make any girl in London, or just about everywhere, melt right down to her core. He’s mesmerizing, fascinating and all other adjectives [&hell more

25 August 2014

The adventures of a London beauty

by Administrator on 25 August 2014, under London Escorts

At only 19 years old, the clients that I meet through the agency are always mesmerized by the tricks I have up my sleeve. I’m an adventurous person and being an escort, I like to make my clients the adventures that I undertake. So, what does one do when they are on an adventure? Well, more

20 August 2014

Gina’s bisexual encounter

by Administrator on 20 August 2014, under London Escorts

My friend Emily loves to be the center of attention, she’s always wanted to be an escort but she’s never plucked up the courage to cross the line. One of the things that I love so much about her is her eagerness to always have fun. I wouldn’t say that I’m particularly interested more

17 August 2014

Rainy days have benefits

by Administrator on 17 August 2014, under London Escorts

Many people are bothered by the abundance of rain that London sees, however, I’m not that type of escort. In fact, I embrace the rain whole heartedly and wish for it on many occasions. There’s just something romantic about being able to look out the window as the skies darken in many more

16 August 2014

His gorgeous little escort

by Administrator on 16 August 2014, under London Escorts

I believe that change is a good thing, that’s why I like to spice things up in the bedroom every now and then. Stewart, a shy engineer from London with a passion for escorts from Spain was witness to this not too long ago. A regular boyfriend, he was never bored with the things that [& more

09 August 2014

Memories of my first date with a man

by Administrator on 09 August 2014, under London Escorts

My first real relationship is one that I love to look back at. The memories which I made in those years are memories that no escort would ever forget. Having gone to an all girls school practically all my life, it should come as no surprise that it was easier for me to open up […] more

06 August 2014

A beautiful night that I will never forget

by Administrator on 06 August 2014, under London Escorts

The night sky in London was more beautiful than I had ever seen it. If I said that I saw more than a few stars wink at me that night, I would not be lying. What was even better, however, was that I had the most perfect company to share the night with, Marcel. He […] more

03 August 2014

Poor little London boy

by Administrator on 03 August 2014, under London Escorts

Though it may sound strange to some, one of my favourite places is the movie theater. However, unlike your typical girl who just can’t get enough of a chic flick, this escort is obsessed with scary movies. Rather than spending the entire day in our hotel room, I asked Gary if he more

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