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28 April 2014

Cold nights in London and escorts who deep throat

by Babes of London on 28 April 2014, under London Escorts

Promises are meant to be kept. So when I promised Martin that I would show him the time of his life when he returned to London, unlike some of the escorts I know, I had all intentions of keeping it. He was a friend that I’d had for quite some time now. We were always […] more

25 April 2014

Rain in London means sex for escorts

by Babes of London on 25 April 2014, under London Escorts

Living in London one of the perks of the job for us escorts is being able to afford a flat with a garden, you can get to take in all the seasons, good and bad in the most enjoyable way right from your backyard. I was never the outdoorsy kind of girl growing up and […] more

16 April 2014

The innocent girl from London

by Babes of London on 16 April 2014, under London Escorts

Josie wasn’t into girls. She was just into me. The way that she would watch me, the way she licked her lips as I walked past her, I just new that the time was drawing nearer for me to say something. I’d only met her a few months ago at a bar in London, but […] more

14 April 2014

Every escorts dream BF

by Babes of London on 14 April 2014, under London Escorts

‘Now’, I yelled at him. ‘Take it off now.’ I’m a professional escort and his best friend and so when Gerard returned to London after being away for two years working in Dubai he called to ask me to help with his shyness, there was no saying ‘no’. more

31 March 2014

It’s not time until I say it’s time

by Babes of London on 31 March 2014, under London Escorts

Some escorts like being touched, and some like doing the touching. As for me, I’m a cruel dominant London bitch who loves having her men tied up. There’s something about being in charge that gets me going and brings me to a place of complete and utter satisfaction. Needless to sa more

25 March 2014

The sound of his wife in ecstasy

by Babes of London on 25 March 2014, under London Escorts

While on vacation in the South of France I met this couple, a slender woman with almond eyes  and a man who almost looked as though he should be wearing a suit on the beach, perfectly combed hair, glasses tucked neatly atop his nose. Somehow we got to talking and they asked innocently w more

19 March 2014

My love of being naked

by Babes of London on 19 March 2014, under London Escorts

Working in the escorts industry is quite a bit of fun. Not only have I had some of the best sexual partners, but I also get flourished with gifts on a daily basis. At 22 years old my sex drive is always at its peak and because of my job, I get to fulfill my […] more

14 March 2014

Slowly enjoying each minute

by Babes of London on 14 March 2014, under London Escorts

I met this guy a few weeks ago. I work as an escort, and though I do have my regulars, I do get new faces quite often. This guy was different. He’s the kind that likes to take things slow. At first I thought that this was just something that guys said, after all, he’s [&helli more

13 March 2014

Playing Spot the Hottie

by Babes of London on 13 March 2014, under London Escorts

There are many reasons why London is just about the only city I’d ever live in. I’ve got this great apartment that overlooks the city, with a balcony where I can just perch and admire the many faces that stroll past. In the summer, the cafes put out their chairs and the patro more

13 March 2014

Out of breath and filled with pleasure

by Babes of London on 13 March 2014, under London Escorts

Passion is something that everyone and not only escorts need to have in their relationships in order for them to survive. Drew and I are definitely a London couple whose relationship is filled to the brim with passion. There’s never a dull moment when he’s around. He loves the fact t more

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