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30 July 2014

Escorts like a spontaneous guy

by Administrator on 30 July 2014, under London Escorts

With the kind of lifestyle that I live in London working as one of the capitals escorts, it should come as no surprise that I’m always in for a thrill. So when Trev asked me if I’d like to accompany him on an adventure, there was no saying no. He’s one of the most fun [ more

27 July 2014

Life and love after divorce

by Administrator on 27 July 2014, under London Escorts

“Hi Anda, are you up for a visit today?” Ivan’s voice came very shyly. If it had been any other man I wouldn’t have been able to tell who it was so quickly. Ivan, on the other hand, had a a very deep London accent that was exceptionally hard to miss. He always seemed as [ more

23 July 2014

A well healed London lady

by Administrator on 23 July 2014, under London Escorts

The thing that Ralph loved the most about me was the way that I could be both a well healed lady and one of the naughtiest escorts in London at the same time. One night whilst being entertained over a nice glass of wine, Ralph decided that he was going to analyze me and figure […] more

20 July 2014

A full view of my sexy escort body

by Administrator on 20 July 2014, under London Escorts

It was a dark and stormy night in London when Baron called the agency and requested my company. He wasn’t a big fan of thunderstorms. In fact, they caused a tad bit of fear to make its way into him and therefore, he needed the company of someone who could keep his mind off the [&he more

17 July 2014

Escorts deserve the softest and most sensual touches

by Administrator on 17 July 2014, under London Escorts

In London there are guys and then there are men and there are escorts like me who enjoy both. When speaking about Andreas, one could never mistake him for a guy; he’s just as ‘man’ as any man needs to be. This, however, doesn’t mean that he hasn’t got a sens more

13 July 2014

Luke enjoyed watching his wife and Jannet entwined

by Administrator on 13 July 2014, under London Escorts

I love having couples! I think it may be about how much I am able to have, and enjoy, the best of both worlds at the same time. The softness of a woman’s body in contrast with the hardness of a man is something that makes me look forward to and enjoy the entire experience. […] more

09 July 2014

Aurora’s intimate dreams

by Administrator on 09 July 2014, under London Escorts

On the cold wintery nights in London, I dream of a place as warm and as inviting as home. The Maldives and its beaches “every escorts dream” that, would be nice; the things I could get up to fill my every thoughts and I at times when I can’t stand the feeling, I allow m more

06 July 2014

Over to my place in north London

by Administrator on 06 July 2014, under London Escorts

I could see her stealing glances at me from across the room maybe; she was from another escorts agency and she had seen my photos online?. I had been coming to this work out class in west London for about three weeks and every session I could feel that I was being checked out. This [&hel more

06 July 2014

An escort in London getting steamy

by Administrator on 06 July 2014, under London Escorts

If his demeanor didn’t already give away the fact that he’s a true bachelor and an admirer of busty girls preferably escorts, then his apartment sure did. Tucked away on the ‘not so quiet’ side of London, is where my dearest Leo lived. Inside the apartment was eve more

06 July 2014

I made him feel so good

by Administrator on 06 July 2014, under London Escorts

My mom always told me to forgive and forget. It’s one of those sayings that I’ve always held on to. It made me a better person, it made me the top girl at my escort agency in London, it made me the person I ought to be. Never in my life did I think any […] more

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