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07 November 2014

With busty girls it’s always a great time

by Babes of London on 07 November 2014, under London Escorts

At one point in my life before the perks of escort dating were known to me, I wanted to be a banker. I would watch all these movies with these beautiful full-bosomed ladies who worked in the banks in London’s square mile, dressed to perfection in their tight skirts and tops that were s more

04 November 2014

London ladies are nice but escorts are more fun

by Babes of London on 04 November 2014, under London Escorts

If there is anything that I know how to do well, it’s how to drive the men in London wild. With a body like mine, it’s hard for guys who enjoy escorts to hold themselves back when they see me. Though naturally blessed with the body that I have, I ensure that I put in […] more

31 October 2014

Only an agency girl could be so sexy

by Babes of London on 31 October 2014, under London Escorts

We were strangers on a train that took too long to get back to London. There is nothing more irritating for an escort than sitting around waiting for mishaps in the train line to be sorted, causing the entire day to slip away before I even have the chance to accomplish a half of the [&he more

28 October 2014

Wherever they go escorts in London always bring pleasure

by Babes of London on 28 October 2014, under London Escorts

A few years ago, I was on vacation in the beautiful island of Jamaica with a few of my friends from the work. I feel like every escort needs to have a few weeks to herself, away from the busy life in London and thus, this vacation was something I truly needed. When one thinks […] more

24 October 2014

His gazebo was made for two

by Babes of London on 24 October 2014, under London Escorts

The smell of freshly cut flowers is something that every escort just absolutely adores. Nick knows this all too well and thus, whenever he’s in London and shows up for a visit, he never forgets to bring some flowers from his beautiful garden. There aren’t many men who can maintain a more

21 October 2014

A busty woman who could not say no

by Babes of London on 21 October 2014, under London Escorts

‘Forever and for always’ that’s how long we promised to love each other. Unfortunately, sometimes the fast pace of an escorts life gets in the way of love, causing people to fall out of it before they’re even aware that it happened. Though there were a lot of tears and a lot of h more

17 October 2014

In London not only escorts lose their inhibitions

by Babes of London on 17 October 2014, under London Escorts

Late at night when London’s fast asleep and most escorts are tucked up in bed I like to take some time to myself, reflecting on life and all the wonderful things I’ve been able to experience. A glass of wine in my hand, I slid the door to my balcony open and took a seat. […] more

14 October 2014

Agency girls in need of company

by Babes of London on 14 October 2014, under London Escorts

The stars were bright and twinkling and it seemed as though all of London, the bars, restaurants and escorts were asleep. It was truly a strange feeling because even on a Sunday night, I usually hear a bit of hustle and bustle going on in the ‘always’ busy streets. Feeling lonely, I more

07 October 2014

Amira complete and utter perfection

by Babes of London on 07 October 2014, under London Escorts

There’s this secret garden in London that I like to head out to when I’m in the mood to get some thinking done. It’s so quiet there that I can hear the thoughts going on in my head. I know, it may sound strange and when I tell this to other escorts they often believe […] more

02 October 2014

Two busty bi girls how, can you go wrong

by Babes of London on 02 October 2014, under London Escorts

My roommate and I are both busy escorts but, a few weeks ago we started to explore and I have to admit, we’ve had quite a blast getting to know each other better. Of course, we were both initially hesitant to take our relationship to the next level especially because we both knew how a more

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