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17 December 2014

Back to his hotel room

by Babes of London on 17 December 2014, under London Escorts

At that moment, there was no other place in the world I wanted to be but here in London. The sky was the perfect shade of blue and the clouds were fluffy and white blocking out an adequate amount of sun, being an escort has opened up a world to me that I never thought […] more

12 December 2014

Busty assets that bounce

by Babes of London on 12 December 2014, under London Escorts

What is it with Londoners and our four legged friends; I love dogs; small dogs, big dogs, fluffy dogs, I think they’re all great. However, because of the odd hours of escort work, it’s not possible for me to have a little furry friend. But when my friend Marlon called and asked me to more

10 December 2014

London libraries attract escorts of all orientations

by Babes of London on 10 December 2014, under London Escorts

Knowledge is something that I don’t think anyone can have too much of. When I moved to London, I made a pact to myself to always learn something new every day. Most days, I settle for a new word, a bit of history or something to do with the culture of my new home. However, […] more

05 December 2014

Agency babes dream of the big day too

by Babes of London on 05 December 2014, under London Escorts

Ever since I was a little girl, I had always dreamt of wearing a big white dress, like the one Cinderella wore to the ball. I know that I’m young and that I’ve got a lot of time to find Mr. Right in London. However, this doesn’t mean that an escort can’t dream. Last weekend, [&he more

02 December 2014

BF escorts in London go camping to relax

by Babes of London on 02 December 2014, under London Escorts

Many people like to go camping in the summer when the weather’s all nice and accommodating. However, for me and the escorts who hang out with me, we find the peace and serenity of the beginning of winter to be the ideal time for a camping trip. London started to get cold and as I [&hel more

28 November 2014

Enjoys the skills that I possess

by Babes of London on 28 November 2014, under London Escorts

My boyfriend called when he landed back in London to say that he wasn’t feeling well and I had just the thing to cheer him right up. My sexy little red dress something that every escort worth her salt should have tucked away in the closet for such emergencies and mine hadn’t been put more

25 November 2014

A hot busty babe like me

by Babes of London on 25 November 2014, under London Escorts

It was Halloween, my favorite time of the year. Some escort friends of mine were hosting a party in east London and I wanted nothing more than to be the stacked chick who is the center of attention. This is why I made sure to shop around for the sexiest costume that I could find. [&helli more

18 November 2014

At the agency every girl has a favourite client

by Babes of London on 18 November 2014, under London Escorts

He swept the dining table clear, landing all the cutlery on the floor. I had never Eric so excited before. I guess that’s what happens when he leaves London for too long and does not get to enjoy the escort who knows just what to do to tickle his fancy. I stood there, waiting to [&hell more

14 November 2014

Escorts in London adore whipped cream

by Babes of London on 14 November 2014, under London Escorts

When Jerome called to ask what my favorite meal was, I thought that we would start our night off at a restaurant in London’s west end, sipping on a nice glass of wine and nibbling away at the chef’s specialty which is every escorts favorite past time. Little did I know that Jerome ha more

11 November 2014

Women who enjoy putting the work in

by Babes of London on 11 November 2014, under London Escorts

Spectacular is the word that’s usually used to describe me when men choose me as their escort. In fact, it’s usually the last thing my clients say before they leave my London flat. The truth is, I wouldn’t expect them to say anything differently. If there is anything that should be more

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