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20 January 2015

The parts that no other woman can reach

by Babes of London on 20 January 2015, under London Escorts

There is one thing no one told me when I decided to make the bold move and call London my new home. That little secret that most escort chicks know is that the beautiful city can fall victim to some ridiculously high temperatures. Of course, this isn’t something that I mind; not in the more

16 January 2015

Busty and with skills to match

by Babes of London on 16 January 2015, under London Escorts

‘What’s your language of preference,’ I asked the fine London gent who took up the entirety of my bed. His eyes glistened, even in the night, reflecting the passion he felt for me his escort of the evening. His body looked perfect where it was and I wanted nothing more than to show more

13 January 2015

Escape from London even escorts need R&R

by Babes of London on 13 January 2015, under London Escorts

The farm where I grew up is a location that I could never forget. I left home a while ago, to take on the many adventures that London can throw at me. Though I have to admit that I don’t miss living at home, there are times when I dream about how free I felt, […] more

09 January 2015

Agency girls and platonic friendships

by Babes of London on 09 January 2015, under London Escorts

My escort radar didn’t see it coming; there is no way I could have. We were friends and as far as I was concerned, it was just that- a friendship. Being asked to dinner at one of the finest restaurants  London has to offer did indeed seem a bit strange, but I thought, ‘hell, it� more

07 January 2015

Escorts in London make great flat mates

by Babes of London on 07 January 2015, under London Escorts

‘Ines. Ines!’ Lucy called out from the kitchen. I knew just what she wanted. Not many escorts are blessed to have a roommate as great as mine and I definitely appreciate how lucky I got. Moving to London can be hard but Lucy, she made my transition to the capital an incredibly easy o more

01 January 2015

Breaking up can be good

by Babes of London on 01 January 2015, under London Escorts

One of the hardest parts of breaking up is learning how to be alone again especially in a big city like London. My boyfriend, Tommy and I had been dating for just over a year. Me being an escort was not a problem for him however, when his work decided that it was time to […] more

29 December 2014

Even busty girls get scared

by Babes of London on 29 December 2014, under London Escorts

Every once in a while, I like to take some time to myself London can be such a hectic place for an upwardly mobile escort and thus, I find it nice to just stay at home and relax, without all the noise or the hustle and bustle of the big city. Usually, I’ll tune into […] more

26 December 2014

Forget London clubs these hot escorts found something better

by Babes of London on 26 December 2014, under London Escorts

The weekend started and I was surprised that none of my friends had called to tell me what the plans were for clubbing in London tonight. Just when I was about to reach for my phone, it started to ring and not surprisingly, Alana was to be heard on the other line. She had spent [… more

24 December 2014

Agency debauchery and ex lovers

by Babes of London on 24 December 2014, under London Escorts

Late one night, an old client of mine- one who had not booked me as his escort for over six months- paid me a visit. I was surprised to see him standing at the door of my London flat with the most gorgeous bouquet of flowers in his hands. When I asked him why he […] more

19 December 2014

High end escorts in London could be catwalk models

by Babes of London on 19 December 2014, under London Escorts

I don’t think any girls I know are not completely obsessed with fashion- I know I am. So, when a friend of mine asked me and a couple other escorts to accompany her to a show being put on in London by a designer she went college with, there was no turning her down. That […] more

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