You can do what you like

I was not going to rush this. If this was Craig’s first time in this situation with one of the finest escorts in London, it might be his last, so let it be memorable. I brushed my fingers over the silky fabric, letting my thumb catch my nipple deliberately. That action was not lost on Craig. He started to unbutton his shirt slowly, not taking his eyes off my breasts. I then traced the line of my ample cleavage down to my belly button, and further to my mound. There I stopped and slowly placed a finger inside the gusset, but only briefly. Then I traced my finger back upwards. By now, Craig had taken off his shirt, and I could see tattoos all over his arms and chest. “I’m not long out of the Navy, believe it or not, but my wife’s seeing someone else.” I knew a story would unfold, but I always let the client share it.

I could feel my pussy warming up at the sight of his muscles. I knew he would be putting those arms around me soon, and masculinity oozed out of him. I smiled as I unclipped my bra, letting my breasts fall naturally. I didn’t touch them again. Instead I turned and bent over, removing my knickers slowly, so he could see my rounded, but firm cheeks. I kept my legs closed so he could not see very much. I wanted to tantalise him. This was nicely naughty, and I liked the fact he was just as slow in his undressing. He rose and took off his trousers, and then his boxers. I glanced briefly behind me and his body was a delight to behold; firm chest muscles, slim hips and trimmed hair down there, from which his erection sprung. I wasn’t sure who his wife had found, but Craig was loveliest guys I had dated in London for quite a while.

Craig waited patiently for me to step out of my knickers, and to stand up tall, before he took a step forward and placed his arms around my body. Then, he lowered his head and nuzzled into my neck.

“You smell delicious enough to eat, you are one of the best escorts in London by a long chalk.” Craig whispered into my ear, as his hands moved to cup my breasts. I replied, “You can do what you like, but I like it slow like this to start with.”


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