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07 October 2016

London spa’s can be interesting places

by Administrator on 07 October 2016, under London Escorts

Sometimes an escort needs to unwind and one of the best ways to do that is to take a day at the spa. When I’m there, I always request my favorite little masseuse Logan, though he truly isn’t little at all. In fact, he’s got some of the biggest and most masculine hands. You’d thin more

07 October 2016

Knickers Around My Knees

by Administrator on 07 October 2016, under London Escorts

It was time to move onto the next stage. I was starting to enjoy this in a fascinated way. This guy was intelligent, well-to-do, married as his gold wedding ring shone on his ring finger. I liked how he was aroused, but not yet overexcited. I needed to get him excited again by some perso more

02 October 2016

Administering Intense Brutal Spanking

by Administrator on 02 October 2016, under London Escorts

If anyone had walked in they would have seen a strange site. While I was still dressed, I wore see-through knickers, stockings and suspenders, plus my skirt was hitched up like an escort girl just banged in a London hotel room My client was on stage two of my disciplinary procedure. The more

29 September 2016

Spank Me Until I Say Stop

by Administrator on 29 September 2016, under London Escorts

I’ve thrown myself into a routine to keep my head clear. My seamstress who helps me out before Christmas is now working for me for two days a week and my other helper for two days, plus a few hours at the weekend. That frees up some time for me to keep all of my […] more

25 September 2016

I Want You Maria

by Administrator on 25 September 2016, under London Escorts

I heard the knock on the door and I’d already showered and changed into my sweat pants and long-sleeved top. My eyes were red, but I’d drank a glass of brandy to steady my nerves. The house seemed so quiet and I did love Josh; I thought he loved me too. I was just feeling […] more

22 September 2016

I Do Escorting Infrequently

by Administrator on 22 September 2016, under London Escorts

The drinks were finished. I checked my watch. It wasn’t even one. Sebastian was actually nicer than I thought he would be. I joked with him about something and he was sharp with his banter. Then the atmosphere changed. I provide a London escort service I was there for a reason; only th more

18 September 2016

Touching His Naked Firm Body

by Administrator on 18 September 2016, under London Escorts

I knew I had made a wrong decision. I could feel it in my gut. Since when did I not use my intuition as a guide. I was out of sorts all evening and Darren came over to cuddle me escorts in London don’t usually feel this way. “What’s going on?” I cuddled him back. […] more

16 September 2016

Those Eyes Electrify Me

by Administrator on 16 September 2016, under London Escorts

Sebastian was a playboy on the biggest, richest kind. He was suave to the point of almost being a caricature of himself, with an edge to him that would befit a new James Bond candidate. Tall, handsome, with a killer smile, he made many girls from so many London escorts agencies just swoo more

11 September 2016

Sexual Appetite

by Administrator on 11 September 2016, under London Escorts

It was a busy Saturday night and my client and I had tickets for a sold out London show I hadn’t seen before, but was looking forward to seeing. The theatre visit ended up being interesting for a number of reasons. Callum was a conversationalist who had lots of interesting pre-theatre more

08 September 2016

Sexy Escorts in Short Skirts

by Administrator on 08 September 2016, under London Escorts

After a long nap, I needed to work out the right outfit an escort should wear for posh London dinner party. Sex would follow and I read through the specific instructions. I needed to wear: Either red or black underwear – preferably with some revealing aspects. I took out a red lacy bod more

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