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06 November 2016

Heat of Arousal

by Administrator on 06 November 2016, under London Escorts

“Miss West?” Alexandra turned with a smile, bright blue eyes drinking in the sight of long blonde hair, full red lips, and a beautiful body that she lingered her gaze on. She loved it when these London women hired her as their escort; especially blondes. Even more, thin blondes in bl more

03 November 2016

Jennifer and the Italian Diplomat

by Administrator on 03 November 2016, under London Escorts

Jennifer walked past her doorman with a nod and a smile. He raised a hand to stop her and she waited as he retrieved a package from behind his desk and brought it to her. “Wot’s this?” she asked. “Messenger said it was from your office. You’re to wear it for tonight.” Calvin more

30 October 2016

From The London Escort Fraternity

by Administrator on 30 October 2016, under London Escorts

I felt my love box clench involuntarily as a cold finger was inserted slowly. It was a vast contrast to the heat of my sex. It did not go unnoticed. “You are so warm; so hot in here. Have you been waiting for my finger to tease you on the inside?” I told Elena I […] more

27 October 2016

Demanding and Full of Hormones

by Administrator on 27 October 2016, under London Escorts

I dearly hoped Milo would not come back downstairs, as I crouched on all fours. It would be too noisy to move the sofa out looking like the archetypal Martini girl waiting to ravaged by a London man in need of an escorts intimate skills. I felt around and my hand alighted onto the coin. more

20 October 2016

I Was Not Expecting This

by Administrator on 20 October 2016, under London Escorts

Milo was awaiting my reaction. I knew what to say. I had been in this position during my escorting career many times. “We only need to do what you want to do. Nothing ever gets back to Vlad or anyone else. He will not ask me either.” I wanted to shut down the conversation about [&hel more

18 October 2016

London to New York Including Shopping

by Administrator on 18 October 2016, under London Escorts

The call came in from Tokyo at some minutes to midnight on New Year’s Eve. An urgent assignment; she wouldn’t even have time to pack. “You need to be ready to go ASAP.” “Oh?” Lily asked. Unlike some of the other people she’d met in her career as a London escort, more

16 October 2016

Firm Breasts & Toned Escorts

by Administrator on 16 October 2016, under London Escorts

I knew this would happen. I was booked by a Russian gentleman in need of a special blonde escort and who probably knew Josh. Not that we were not together, I was keeping everything as separate as I could. I had received a call from Vlad. It was friendly, but I knew what he was […] more

12 October 2016

Just Run But Naked

by Administrator on 12 October 2016, under London Escorts

I walked down the tree-lined road. I was aware of the freshness of the breeze, probably the coolest it had felt on the curves of my busty escort figure for several weeks. I had just visited Richard who was a recluse. Severely disfigured, he only ventured out at night, and never wanted an more

09 October 2016

Slowly Until My Breasts Popped Out

by Administrator on 09 October 2016, under London Escorts

London Fashion Week was coming up soon. My diary was full to the brim with appointments of all kinds – from VIP events, to cocktail parties, and half a dozen new clients were thrown into the mix. I was busy now. From the first week of September up until the third week in December, clie more

07 October 2016

London spa’s can be interesting places

by Administrator on 07 October 2016, under London Escorts

Sometimes an escort needs to unwind and one of the best ways to do that is to take a day at the spa. When I’m there, I always request my favorite little masseuse Logan, though he truly isn’t little at all. In fact, he’s got some of the biggest and most masculine hands. You’d thin more

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