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02 September 2016

Slow Anticipatory Throbbing

by Babes of London on 02 September 2016, under London Escorts

The party was in full swing by the time we arrived. A tall, well-built guy stood beside an elegantly manicured bay tree by the door and he was checking the guest list. My client, Mike, presented the embossed invitation, and after a quick check we were ushered inside. I immediately could more

28 August 2016

He Slid My Panties Down

by Babes of London on 28 August 2016, under London Escorts

I worked hard at the gym, so I was feeling much more energised than usual. I’ve got myself a vastly-discounted morning only membership for the two of us, and I’m making as much use as possible to shift the two kilos I’ve put on being away for a long weekend with Josh. Rather than s more

25 August 2016

Stirred Into a Frenzy

by Babes of London on 25 August 2016, under London Escorts

  I’m a people watcher. There is something entrancing about watching the interplay between couples – young and old. The familiarity and similarity in gestures of those who’ve been together for quite some time – a comforting gaze or a touch on the arm. They’ve bonded wa more

21 August 2016

Amorous and Passionate MMF Threesome

by Babes of London on 21 August 2016, under London Escorts

At the first touch of Milo, I realised I might lose control very quickly which is something that professional escorts in London are not supposed to do. He was so gentle, but focussed. As Milo attended to my needs, I watched Grigor grunting on his chair. He looked handsome, self-assured a more

19 August 2016

Your Wish is My Command Me Laird

by Babes of London on 19 August 2016, under London Escorts

I waited for Adam to appear. He was a new client. With only one hour spent with him last time, he booked a two hour slot with me. I liked how he talked and his accent. He had a job with a Scottish university, but twice a year he visited friends in London, and thought […] more

14 August 2016

Sure She is Bisexual

by Babes of London on 14 August 2016, under London Escorts

I held Gustav’s hand as we walked through the lobby of his five star London hotel. His PA was waiting for him. From the expression on his face, this was unexpected. She walked up to him, fixed him with a look of annoyance and gave him an envelope. Gustav opened it, read the contents an more

11 August 2016

Filling The Gaps in The Gap Year

by Babes of London on 11 August 2016, under London Escorts

Ben was lush. He was one of those androgynous men in London who escorts always found looked almost feline. He’d sent me a message on my page and I’d sent him more photos and my terms. I sounded like the exact opposite of what he’d wanted, but he sounded friendly on the phone. At th more

07 August 2016

Against The Wall He Pulled Up My Skirt

by Babes of London on 07 August 2016, under London Escorts

I watched the tall businessman finish his mobile phone call. He looked classy and I felt suddenly pleased I wore the non-descript grey business suit. Underneath was naughty underwear that would make any London escort proud, and my idea was to shell out the tiniest morsel of information a more

04 August 2016

Groan Into The Pillow

by Babes of London on 04 August 2016, under London Escorts

The West London hotel was small and discrete. One of the ex-escorts, Olivia, worked here as the Night Manager and received commissions from direct bookings. I was one of those direct bookings and she knew my ‘other name’ well enough. There would be no issues here. Olivia had assigned more

30 July 2016

The Sex Was Slow and Sexy

by Babes of London on 30 July 2016, under London Escorts

I wrapped up warm as the last week in May proved to be colder than usual at this time of year you would think us Russian escorts in London could handle the mild winters. I seemed to be waiting for summer, so I could sit on the roof terrace and enjoy being outside, rather than […] more

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