Go on seduce me!

Vlad watched us leaving the small room and he smiled as he quickly drank the glass of vodka he was holding. What was I getting into here, my escorts sixth sense was alerted?

We walked upstairs and Peter ushered me into a bedroom which as almost the size of my lounge and bedroom combined. There was a freestanding bath to one side, and I noticed a wet room.

Peter stood back and looked at me. “Why are you scared” I explained what had happened downstairs. “I wanted to be honest, because now I think I should go. I’ve been set-up by Vlad and he’s enjoying this.”

Peter took off his jacket. “Of course, you are free to go. I would never impose myself on anyone. You came highly-recommended as one of the best escorts in London, and to be honest, I just wanted to have my way with you with no strings attached.”

I looked at him. “Vlad knows my type; he knew I would be attracted to you.”

Peter came over to me and lowered his mouth to mine. The gentleness of his kiss progressed into a longer deeper kiss and his hands undid my zipper slowly. I pulled back to step out of the dress.

He looked at my breasts, encased in dark green silk with matching French knickers. “You are beautiful. I hope you aren’t going to drive me crazy an escort of your calibre has the beauty to control many powerful men.”

Peter took me to his bed and undressed. I watched him folding them neatly. He was out of my league, I knew that, but I couldn’t fathom why I should be bothered. This was just a client.

He lowered himself over the top of me and kissed me again as his hands expertly removed the rest of my underwear. His gaze was magnetic, and his arousal instant. I felt like a rabbit caught in the headlights of a car.

I had to get back in control again. As he lay down beside me, I moved so I straddled him. As he moved his hands to touch my breasts, I grabbed his hands and held them above is head. Peter raised an eyebrow, but smiled. “Go on, Emma, seduce me. Show me what talents you have!” I nodded slowly. Soon he would find out.

Peter was daring me and I was game!


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