A London woman fulfilled

Life used to be incredibly simple. Like so many escorts I’d work and get all the passion and fulfillment I needed. And at night, I’d turn in to my lovely apartment where I rested comfortably. It wasn’t until a few months ago that everything changed and a whole new level of complication was introduced to the simplicity I’d been comfortable with. The reason for this was Caleb- a man who could have just about any girl in this in London, but chose me.

On our first night together, he promised that I’d never be able to forget him. I took everything he said with a grain of salt. After all, men like to make promises they can’t fulfil. And why was it so important that I wouldn’t forget him? I would soon find out. Caleb had a tongue of gold- a tongue that was more remarkable than anything I’d ever experienced. It reached parts of my body that longed to be tended to, it spoke things in my ear that filled me with lust and best of all, it kissed passionately that all my thoughts were cleared right out of my head. But that’s all he gave me on our first night together in his London hotel room. He didn’t want me to take care of his needs. Instead, he wanted to prove to me that there are some men who only wish to have their women fulfilled.
When he left, I realized just how right he was. Night after night, all I could think about was Caleb and how I never got to enjoy each and every inch of him. Thankfully, I received a phone call that would change everything. Caleb was coming to see me.
I slipped into something sexy, got out a bottle of my most delicious wine and set the perfect atmosphere to tend to his needs.
‘Do you remember me,’ his deep voice toyed with my ears.
‘Of course I remember you,’ I blushed. ‘I’m a lady who admits her wrongs and I was wrong in thinking that you wouldn’t leave a lasting impression.’
‘Oh, there’s a lot more where that came from,’ he whispered.
And again, I melted under his touch. This time, he was quick to introduce me to the part of him that I was yet to enjoy. It took mere minutes of him being in my apartment for the real intensity to start. And even more than ever, Caleb is a name I would never forget.

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