Full-breasted and blonde

The darkened room was lit by three candles as Jemima lay back on the bed. She was so body conscious, I felt sorry for her. She was overweight, but by no means obese. Having given birth to two children, she realised she still liked the feel of a woman’s touch. Her husband was away with work for four days each week. I guessed she was lonely.

Her house was fabulous and only a stone’s throw away from Wimbledon. She’d placed scented candles around the room, and that was a nice touch.

I now needed to know how to break the ice with her. She wore a chemise, down to her mid-thigh, and I could not see any signs of underwear underneath.

I undressed down to my underwear, so as not to scare her off with any body image beliefs, and asked her what she wanted. Jemima just looked at me. I realised she was going to cry.

I went to her and held her tightly and she sobbed for a few minutes.

“I‘ve forgotten how to kiss: not just a peck, but a full-blooded French kiss.”

I took that as my cue and started to kiss her neck the way only a professional escort could. She started to respond and soon we were lip-to-lip, and slowly just enjoying the feel and intimacy this afforded. I slipped her straps down and slowly stroked her shoulder blade, following her bone under her creamy flesh and back again. It seemed to work and the kiss deepened. I moved my hand to her breast and cupped it in my hand. I stroked her nipple gently with my thumb.

Soon she was kissing me passionately and started to touch me back. This was real progress and actually the sensations were nice. She was a full-breasted blonde woman, and there was something sensual about how she touched me.

Later on, she lay back and the release she’d needed showed on her face. I put on my bra and she came up behind me and stroked my bottom. “You are sensational. I don’t think I can thank you enough. I know this is a one-off, but you’ve given me back my confidence. Thank you again.”

We kissed again and it turned into a smooch. I left feeling strangely satisfied, and also curious about the lives other people lead.


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