Clients with shady businesses

I had no idea that one of my clients would suddenly be catapulted into the spotlight in the way he had. For an up for it escort girl London breathes excitement but not all news is good news. As details of fraud, money-laundering and bribes, hit the main Satellite news channel, I sat in my dressing gown with my jaw hitting the floor.

My first thought was that his bank accounts, credit cards, and movements would be scrutinised, and for a few moments I became increasingly worried, as to whether or not his secret life including the escorts he frequented would also become under the gaze of the investigators.

I paced the floor and knew I needed to get dressed to meet a client, who was also in the same financial business. I heard my phone vibrate and realised it was my client. “There’s a slight change of plan. I’m using a hotel in Kensington for a few days.” I took the details and knew I’d never been there. It was a townhouse and more discreet than meeting in his City-based apartment.

As I met him in the lobby, we kissed like old friends. It did not look suspicious but I wanted to ask about my other client, as I serviced them both. We headed to his room, where we talked about what was going on, over a bottle of Champagne.

He needed to relax, so as we talked I slid a cool finger into his trousers and placed it on his tip. He smiled and continued to talk, whilst I slowly stroked him. I gave nothing away, but he was becoming extremely aroused, to the point, he moved so I could access more of him.

“You naughty escort girl London would not be the same without you,” he declared softly, as I pushed him back onto the bed and straddled him, so that I could pull off my top to let him view my breasts in all of their glory.

Then I moved quickly. I placed both of his hands above his head and placed my hand over his eyes as I took out my handcuffs and cuffed him to the bed. The look of surprise on his face was priceless.

“That’s exactly what I need. I need you to be very naughty with me, because you never know when you are really going to get caught!”

For now, I wouldn’t let the thought concern me, but I had a feeling he was about to get into some very deep water.


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