10 Spanks if you forget

Mr. Farrell was now fifteen minutes late. I checked my watch and drained my glass.  Usually opera-goers were on time, and the opera was starting in twenty minutes.

Even though I was facing the entrance, I heard a voice behind me. “Sorry I am late. I’m Mr. Farrell.”

A blond man smiled as I rose from the leather sofa. It had to look casual and friendly and we kissed each other on both cheeks. I was curious about this encounter as I had found opera lovers were generally considerate lovers, so it would be interesting to see if he bucked the trend.

Whilst we listened in the darkened auditorium to the overwhelming despair in Tosca’s voice, I watched Mr. Farrell out of the corner of my eye. His emotions ran amok and he dried his eyes several times, with a cotton handkerchief.  I’d put his age at about forty and he was Canadian.

At the hotel in a very exclusive but discreet part of London, I stripped as Mr. Farrell showered and joined me on the bed. I soon found out he had a thing about escorts feet as he languished near the bottom of the bed, and sucked my little toe gently. It was pleasant enough, but when he licked the sole of my foot, in a very sensual way, I could feel an unexpected rush of electricity to my core. He continued to lick and suck my toes and feet, until I started to tremble. Was it really possible to have an orgasm this way?

After some time, he moved up to my inner thigh and licked the inside creamy-white, soft skin gently. “Would you like my tongue here?” he asked, as he pointed to the area between my legs. I whispered that I did, but I was also wanted to please him.

He laughed and pushed a hand through his blonde curls. “Why should it all be one way?” he questioned, as he finished his martini and passed me another.

I gasped as he brought me to a high and back down again. My climax was intense. Mr. Farrell smiled and told me I had a very alluring face, when I reached my peak of pleasure. I smiled back and he pulled me to him.

“Everything I have just done for you, I want you to do for me. Everything you forget, will equate to ten spanks of that lush bottom of yours.”

I had a feeling there would be a catch!

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