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Anna was conventionally pretty and a well-known, fiction book author. Her private life was extremely private and her lover was ten years older than her. She found me extremely attractive and at fifteen years older than I, she still had a strong libido.

Like many refined wealthy London ladies who visit female escorts she brought her own vibrators to the hotel room she used. She liked me to wash her in the bath whilst I stood naked over her and she could reach out and touch me wherever she liked. Like most women, she liked oral, so our sessions always amounted to a very interesting encounter for both of us.

The last time we met, Anna wanted me to wear a thongs and see-through bra, with stockings and suspenders. I was to strip slowly and sexily for her. Of course, I picked the music and started to dance my way sexily through a song, whilst she lay back naked and one leg thrown over the side of the chair, so I could see all of her pink intimate parts.

All of a sudden, Anna stopped me and asked me to stand in front of her. I thought she might not have liked what I was doing but she asked me to tell her a story of one of the most erotic experiences I had ever had. She rose and stopped the music mid-song. Then she sat back and listened to my tale, whilst she slowly touched herself.

I explained I was once taken by a pair of twins on a balcony, overlooking the sea. I was not yet begun my career in escorting, I was only nineteen at the time and on holiday. Other people came out to watch me as I was teased, licked and taken hard, over and over again. I had never had an orgasm with a stranger before and it was liberating to say the least. Then a couple of girls came into the room and before I knew it, a full-blown orgy had started in the apartment of the twins.

Of course, I explained all of this in depth and realised I had started to touch myself. Before I knew it Anna and I had become passionate and we moved quickly onto the bed where Anna and I had uninhibited and pure intimacy. The experience was almost as invigorating as that memory of seven years ago.

When Anna left, she told me I was a true siren, and blew me a kiss. She promised one day to write a book about me, but only after I had settled down and this life was in the past.

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