My clients pleasure is priority #1

Holly was the wealthy wife of a diplomat, who spent so much time away she was bored. Bisexual and sex-starved the agency told me she was demanding as a client and would only except the best escorts. I arrived at her pad in Fulham and she buzzed me in.

The funny thing about this experience is her need for me to wear a cleaner’s uniform, so that neighbours think I am there as her maid. She’d had me wear an embroidered polo shirt, which looked as unsexy as anything I had ever worn.

It didn’t bother Holly. Her curtains in the lounge and bedroom were closed. As soon as I arrived, she dragged the top off and freed my breasts. I let her fondle me for a few minutes until that glazed look passed over her face.

This was a ritual she needed in her life. She poured two glasses of Port, her usual tipple. I needed that too. Then we adjourned to the bedroom, where various naughty underwear items were laid out.

We only had two hours, so I dressed up and performed my naughty dance as her fingers caressed her naked, voluptuous curves. Then I stripped slowly centimetres from her face, before kneeling down between her thighs.

Holly was so turned on that, she moved her hips forwards so I could gain easy access. I could feel my own sex responding, but this wasn’t about my pleasure I’m one of the most sought after escorts at the agency and my clients needs must always come first.

Within minutes holly was moaning and twisting my hair in her hands as her pleasure grew. I stopped and rose to get the dildo she had chosen off the bed. This was how it always was. She laid everything out so I knew what to do, with no instructions and I wasn’t even allowed to talk. Holly was in full control of her needs and orgasm and that was perfectly fine with me.

I slowly wet the dildo with her wetness and started to play with her, before resuming my oral activity. She was enjoying this until she peaked. Afterwards, asked me to pass her a cigarette.

Then she got up and poured herself another port and I kneeled on the bed and positioned my bare bottom in the air. She picked up the paddle off the bed and told me I had been very naughty. I knew her ten short, sharp hits would sting, but then it would set her up for round two. Two orgasms in two hours – that was her need.



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