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Escorts with Rosebud Nipple

by Administrator on 10 April 2016, under London Escorts

I sprayed the perfume, ‘She’, by Armani, down the inside of my low-cut blouse, just at the place where Michael likes to nuzzle against me. He likes his dates from the London escort agencies to smell nice and I go out of my way to keep all of my clients’ wishes. For example, Michael

Coming To My Court Room

by Administrator on 07 April 2016, under London Escorts

I would not forget the time when I was asked to dress up as a female judge. I had not had that request before, maybe other escort girls in London do this all the time so, I asked my legal client to bring along the paraphernalia he wanted me to dress up in, including the […]

Only Female Escorts

by Administrator on 03 April 2016, under London Escorts

Serena was one of the nouveau-riche and a regular client of high end londonescorts. She was born into a Chinese business family and had studied in the UK, but her parents were trying to marry her off, and unsuccessfully at that. As a lesbian, Serena looked feminine with long hair, with a

I Continued to Suck

by Administrator on 01 April 2016, under London Escorts

I took my time as I sipped my coffee. After the Ryan experience, I thought about one of my early experiences as one of Sasha’s escorts London, was new to me then. I had a one-off client, booked through Sasha. This guy was hot, to the point I felt nervous in front of him. Ayhan [&hellip

Could you wear beige-coloured stockings

by Administrator on 27 March 2016, under London Escorts

Ryan wasn’t yet finished with his London escort agency date. He fixed me with a lustful look, but blushed at he took in my erect nipples under my plain white blouse, with my tight, white lacy bra, and tight grey pencil skirt. That was what he wanted me to wear. I was knicker-less and r

First To Climax

by Administrator on 24 March 2016, under London Escorts

I wore a quarter cup bra which did little to cover my assets. However, londonescorts are not booked to keep covered up. Gemma was watching me undress. I slid my hand down my hips and over the curve of my buttocks, as she held her cigarette holder in one hand and a flute of the […]

Still interested in girls at 75

by Administrator on 20 March 2016, under London Escorts

My tight bodice made my waist so small that I could have passed for some Victorian bordello hussy. However, as one of the best Russian escorts in the city, my work takes me to imaginary places and scenarios from all over the world. The sense of escapism is high. Some clients who visit fo

Pleasure with each kiss

by Administrator on 17 March 2016, under London Escorts

I kissed Mike again and again with so much passion the way no other agency escorts would be so hot and open with a client, until he also became passionate. This time, he spun me around until I was on my back. He liked a brief tussle and the prospect of now being on top […]

First date with an escort

by Administrator on 13 March 2016, under London Escorts

I had a call from the businessman from the train. He grilled me on the phone and when he realised I was an escort in London he put the phone down. Not to worry, if he thought I was genuinely looking for a new partner, he was sadly mistaken. I wondered what he would have […]

He was very good in bed

by Administrator on 10 March 2016, under London Escorts

Brussels wasn’t as visually appealing as either Paris or London, but held a different kind of appeal. I was eating a couple of decadent chocolates, made by Godiva, a Belgium speciality chocolate-maker. These had to be kept in the fridge as they contained a real cream filling, but they
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